«I can take care of myself, thank-you!» — Natasha Romanoff

See, everyone talks about how flexible and graceful Natasha is. But for me, the truly mindblowing part of her fighting style is how compact it is. It’s like that bit in Avengers where she’s curled up against the alien’s back while driving his alien sky scooter. She just goes so small and is completely deadly. And then when she walks, she has so much swagger and seems to take up so much space. Just look at the bottom two frames here and compare it to the furious ball of deadly she was at the beginning of the fight. It’s another one of her bait-and-switches. She projects big and swagger and then comes at you tight and small.

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natasha romanoff


This makes me extremely content.

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"Everybody has certain things that make them feel insecure. Even when you overcome a huge battle in your life and you make a ton of progress as a person, there are still things that will upset you and break your heart. But I feel like I’m at a point in my life where love is the most important thing, and I won’t let anything come before it."

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